The Summer of Tri Tip Continues!

tri tipWe have enjoyed putting together our summer webseries “Tri Tip X 30″ for you and the masses of grillmasters.  We have received great feedback and even better ideas, which keeps this series moving full steam ahead.  You can find the new recipes by clicking on the links below – trust me, these are tasty and fairly easy-to-make recipes.

Our goal to create 30 tri tip centered recipes by the end of summer is becoming a reality (of course, summer is ending soon – I better get cooking!).  We are almost halfway there – here’s what we have done so far:

THANK YOU for your continual support and involvement on the Facebook page and You Tube channelWe are really looking forward to how this summer shapes up, and I will see you around the grill!


“Tri Tip X 30″ – Our 2014 Summer Web Series Kicks Off!

tri tipLast summer, we brought you “100 Days of Tri Tip” – a great series that gave you tips and insight into tri tip, grilling and BBQing.  This summer, we are taking it up a notch to bring you “Tri Tip X 30!”   Over the next few months, we are cooking 30 original tri tip centered recipes.  From breakfast dishes to full-on dinners, tri tip is the king around here and we are excited about what we have to offer!

Each recipe will get filmed to see the “how-to” and we will post a page on this website that lists out the recipe in detail (including measurements & cook times).   We will also include a PDF on each page to download and print.  We are getting ready to film our next few episodes, but we have completed our first two.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, head over there now:

Thanks again for your continual support for The Tri Tip Guy!  Stay connected with us by “liking” us on Facebook and subscribing to our YouTube channel!

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Here Comes Prime Tri Tip Grilling Time!

IMG_3945Hello friends!  With summer approaching, I know that it is “prime grilling time” for many people.  I have been on the hunt for amazing recipes and trying out new techniques – and I’m excited for what is coming.  No joke – OVER 30 TRI TIP RECIPES are headed your way in the months ahead.  Each tri tip recipe will include a video and a downloadable PDF recipe sheet.  Yikes – I better get filming!

We have made some great connections over the past few months, and I am excited about introducing some new friends to you – folks that are in the BBQ community (more specifically, the Tri Tip community).

Finally, we are developing a resource section for you.  This will include a list of places to find great deals on your grilling and BBQ needs (both online and in your area).  We are beginning to connect with vendors in order to bring you product reviews and…GIVEAWAYS.  Hey – “free” is my favorite “F” word too!

If you haven’t connected with us on Facebook, make sure you do – all of our breaking news will be announced on our page.  Get ready, friends – and I’ll see you around the grill!



Picture1Today marks the one year anniversary of The Tri Tip Guy!  We continue to see a lot of new eyes every month on the website and You Tube videos – and I WANT TO THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of this!

In the next few months, we have some great tri tip recipes to share as well as introducing some new features to the site.  There are some great things in store – so stay tuned to the Facebook page for the latest developments!

Thanks again…and I’ll see you around the grill!



No “Off-Season” for Cooking Tri Tip!

IMG_3973The great thing about cooking tri tip is – THERE IS NOT AN OFF-SEASON!  Sports leagues and vacation spots can take time off, but real grillers and BBQ fanatics go after it 365 days a year!  I am looking forward to cooking through the holidays – in fact, be on the lookout for some great tri tip appetizer recipes around Thanksgiving time!  Tri tip and turkey sharing space on the grill – YES!  What a great summer I had in my role as “The Tri Tip Guy.”   Some highlights:

1) I presented a really fun and informative web series that we ran through our Facebook page called “100 Days of Tri Tip.”  Every day from Memorial Day through the Labor Day weekend, I shared great recipe ideas, cooking tips and other information to bring your tri tip cooking to the next level.  It was incredible to see the involvement from so many people – even getting a great shout-out from “Chaka’s” (my favorite marinade) that brought more people to the website!  We will have all of these posts on the website soon – organized by topic.

2)  We catered a few events, one of which was for a first time customer.  They were very successful in satisfying the hungry masses and in getting our name out there.  We are in the early stages with a company right now to cater a multi-night event – by far the largest amount of tri tip we have ever cooked.  I am excited about the opportunity…and asking my friends to help me out!!!

3)  Our YouTube videos are a huge part in promoting the TTG brand, and we recently hit 10,000 views on our videos!  This is incredible, and we are in the process of planning out some great recipe and how-to videos.  More video content coming very soon!

There is a couple of things that are being worked through to bring the Tri Tip Guy to new places – new connections, partnerships, and yes – GIVEAWAYS!  We are adding new content to this website this week – we will promote our newest pages on the Facebook page.  Keep coming around and spread the word about the Tri Tip Guy!  THANK YOU again for being a part of the TTG Nation!


The Tri Tip Guy is Pumped for Summer 2013!

IMG_3957There are so many great things that we are prepping for in the upcoming months with The Tri Tip Guy!  Let me briefly share a couple of cool happenings…

1)  We are putting together a great web series called “100 Days of Tri Tip” – which we will host both on this website and our Facebook page From May 24 and the 99 days that follow, we will present a cooking tip, recommendation or factoid about our favorite cut of beef.  This will be a lot of fun as well as provide you with a ton of great information.  Get connected with us on Facebook NOW!

2)  We have a number of tri tip recipes that will drop this summer – these recipes will always include step-by-step instructions and a video to see how it all looks.  Do you want a great tri tip sandwich idea???  Stay tuned – we will teach you how to make “The 49er,” “The Philly Cheese Tri Tizzle” and “The Beefy Shlub.”  Yeah…I named those sammiches.

3)  WE HAVE T-SHIRTS!  Or I should say – we are in the process of getting some T-shirts and aprons with the incredible Tri Tip Guy logo on them.  These will be affordable and high-quality, not to mention fashionable and/or sexy.  I don’t know about that last part, but they will be cool.  Stay tuned!

Of course, there are a couple of other surprises that are on the way.  I am keeping them under wraps for now, but both surprises have to do with handing out INCREDIBLE GIVEAWAYS!  Thanks again for being a part of The Tri Tip Guy’s world – tell a friend about us, and I will see you around the grill!


Want More Great Tri Tip Information? Do This!!!

IMG_3866When I started up this website, I wanted to find a way to give out tri tip information, advice and critiques in more ways than just visiting this page.  I created The Tri Tip Guy Speaks” Newsletter for that very reason – and people are loving it.

What’s the newsletter all about?  Very simply, there are certain things I feel more comfortable sharing on this forum than I would be on the website.  Basically, I can give you some recommendations, reviews and offer critiques on specific brands or companies without fear of reprisals from potential future partners.  Wait…what?  What I’m saying is – if I want to rip a local supermarket for their horrible meat department (as I have done in a previous newsletter), that is the place it will happen.

Also, I can recommend or reject products that I have used (such as reviews of BBQ sauces and dry rubs in previous newsletters). This is the key – I will only offer opinions about things that I have used myself.  People can see right through those reviews from people that are just doing it to gain favor or make a buck – my integrity is never for sale, so you will get my honest opinion.

In the newsletter, we will highlight what has happened with the Tri Tip Guy since the last newsletter and let you know about our monthly giveaway.  That’s right – FREE STUFF!  The only way you can get free giveaways from us is by signing up for the newsletter.  Last month’s winner won a three-pack of dry rubs that we recommended on our website!

SIGN UP NOW!  Support the Tri Tip Guy and Tri Tip World Domination! 

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Building a Community of Tri Tip Fanatics

WarrenSmoke4One of the goals of this site is to build a community of tri tip fans.  This includes connecting the backyard warriors to the BBQ restaurants to the meat markets…and on and on.  There is already a huge BBQ community who have connected through other sites and message boards; we want to gather new voices and join this community as well as begin a new “branch” of Tri Tip folks.

I have begun speaking with friends, restaurants and businesses about contributing and connecting to the site.  This week, we will post our interview with the owner of O’Connor’s Santa Maria Grill in Orangevale, CA, as he educates us about the Santa Maria style of cooking tri tip!  This was a great time interview and I’m very excited about sharing this with you.

Then next week, we will post two pages from our first contributor – a great “Tri Tip Guy” named Warren Ingalls.  He has a great Tri Tip Slider recipe and we are collaborating to bring you our next addition to “Tri Tips” – a simple, step-by-step page about smoking tri tip (including a short video).

Thanks again for connecting with us!  If you have something you would like to contribute, send it me:  We are always looking for great tri tip stuff!

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