12 Other Names for Tri Tip

other names for tri tipAlthough “tri tip” is the most popular name for this cut, there are many other names for tri tip.  The tri tip cut used to be available on the West Coast only, but it has grown in popularity over the past few years and can be found in many membership stores across the United States.   Tri tip can be called by different names; if you have a hard time locating it, ask your butcher to hook you up (any butcher worth his salt knows about this cut).


Some of the other names for tri tip are:

other names for tri tip
Print this off and hand it to your butcher, screaming “I WANT THIS!”
  • The California cut
  • Bottom sirloin tip
  • Triangle cut
  • Bottom sirloin primal cut
  • Santa Maria cut
  • Newport steak
  • Bottom sirloin butt (but it’s NOT called a rump roast – totally different!)

And if you are traveling worldwide:

  • Aiguillette baronne (France)
  • Rabillo de cadera (Spain)
  • Punta de Solomo (Central American countries)
  • Punta de picaña (Argentina)
  • Picaña (Mexico)
  • UPDATE   We received this email from Chris in Germany:  I was puzzled by a cut here called Bürgermeisterstück, which is defined as the town mayor’s cut. I asked my slaughterhouse with a photo, and they told me it’s Tri-Tip…it seems it could have been called the mayor’s cut not just because of it’s supreme taste, but actually because the mayor used to wear a triangluar hat!


If anything, show your butcher the diagram above and DEMAND that he or she cut a few of these for you!  Thanks to the online tri tip community for helping compile this list.

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    1. I am not sure – if anyone in our community knows, please advise! I will do some digging and see what I discover.

    2. I took the picture in to our butcher in New Zealand today and he’s going to have one cut for me 🙂 I have no idea what it is called but the picture helped!

    1. In California, you are looking at anywhere from $3.99 to $6.99 a pound – supply and demand, time of the year, and all that.

  1. you haven’t lived until you chow down on a tri tip sandwich or just tri tip by itself. I come from California and my dad used to BBQ Tri Tip all the time. Now out in Florida and most stores have no clue about it by that name. I need to dig deeper this site made me want some Tri Tip badly.

        1. No Costco here in Maine where we just moved to. I asked the butchers for some Tri-tip and they have NO idea what I am referring to. I will take your list of tri-tip other names into them. Love Tri-tips!

          1. Call around to some local butchers – I wish that tri tip was available beyond being on the West Coast.

      1. I wish it was, Marie. Tri tip is most popular along the West Coast of the U.S. However, it is growing in popularity worldwide. Many popular chefs that specialize in BBQ promote tri tip, so that helps. Also, many BBQ restaurant chains have begun featuring tri tip on their menus. Give it some more time – tri tip will become more popular and respected.

  2. I just went to my ButCher and he game me what it’s called a Short Cut Rump Roast. They knew what a tri tip was and this is what he game me. However you do not have it as one of the names it could be called. Did he give me the right cut?

    1. I need to look into that; however, I always defer to the experts (the butchers) when asking about a specific cut. If it was a triangular cut with a small fat cap (unless it was trimmed in house), then you got a tri tip. Look at some of the images on our site and compare.

      In North America alone, tri tip is given so many titles. I would be nice if “we” (whoever that is!) could just decide to call it tri tip and move forward!

  3. Say this to your butcher…
    “Tri-tip is sometimes called the triangle roast. According to the Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards (the national standardization guidelines), Tri-Tip’s UPC number is 1429 and Tri-Tip’s IMPS/NAMP code is 185C. Please look this information up if you’re not familiar with it and cut me — or order me — a Tri-Tip roast. Thank you!”

  4. I used to managed a meat production plant for Cargill in Nebarska and we make the Costco tri tips. As a matter of fact I managed the lines that processed the tri tips from cutting, trimming, pump and tumble (injecting spices into the meat) to bagging and palletilizing. Please go purchase them at Costco. They are really good. I guarantee you will never regret…

    1. Continuing my search for tri tip in Orlando .. my local Costco says they have no idea how to get it here. Any help, my friend?

      1. Call around to a few local butchers or meat markets. I know that it is difficult to find away from the West Coast, but its popularity is growing. Hopefully, the rest of the nation – the world – will see the light!

  5. In Argentina is Colita de Cuadril or Little sirloin tail. I’ve been looking for this cut that can be great browned and then baked in a hot oven, after 1 hour marinated.

  6. I bought a “Bread & Butter Roast” on a trip to Iowa. It was described as a bottom sirloin, I believe. It melted in my mouth. I live in MO, so I’m hoping I can get Tri Tip at Costco.

  7. Can you buy these in Costco’s on the east coast and in Florida? Not sure I’ve ever seen it there under that name.

    1. I have heard that the Guy Fieri brand is found nationwide – it comes pre-marinaded. To be honest, I have not tried his products.

  8. I tried a tri-tip from Sam’s – it was pre-seasoned though and kind of tasted like beef jerkey. Has anyone found any at Sam’s that is not seasoned?

    1. I’m with you – I am not a fan of those pre-packaged marinated roasts at all. I have seen two-packs at Sam’s in the past, but it has been over a year since I’ve been there.

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