“Tri Tip X 30” – Our 2014 Summer Web Series Kicks Off!

tri tipLast summer, we brought you “100 Days of Tri Tip” – a great series that gave you tips and insight into tri tip, grilling and BBQing.  This summer, we are taking it up a notch to bring you “Tri Tip X 30!”   Over the next few months, we are cooking 30 original tri tip centered recipes.  From breakfast dishes to full-on dinners, tri tip is the king around here and we are excited about what we have to offer!

Each recipe will get filmed to see the “how-to” and we will post a page on this website that lists out the recipe in detail (including measurements & cook times).   We will also include a PDF on each page to download and print.  We are getting ready to film our next few episodes, but we have completed our first two.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, head over there now:

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    1. Thanks Matt! We have 20+ recipes still to come, including three that we are filming tomorrow and getting to the masses by the weekend.

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