Who is The Tri Tip Guy?

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The Tri Tip Guy is Eric Leach.   Like Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi, the man has been unmasked.  I am married to a former Dutch supermodel and the father to four amazing children (aka the artist, the student, the mini-me, and the princess). I have the greatest family and the most loyal friends in the world – I am truly blessed with how incredible they are.  They are my life.

Four years ago, I decided to quit my job and walk away from that career to return to school so I could follow a big dream.  The dream is to become a public high school English teacher (there is a huge story behind this – buy me a beer and I’ll tell you all about it).  I am currently attending Cal State Sacramento and I have a few more classes to take to finish up my BA.  I also work a couple of part-time jobs to help pay the bills (although it would be 100% awesome if this website becomes massively successful).

As lead singer of ’25 Kitchen’ – a totally gnarly 80’s cover band

With that said, money is not the motivation behind this site.  The reason I started this website is simple:  I LOVE TRI TIP.  I love to grill and BBQ it up whenever possible.  The website is named after a nickname that was given to me years ago; when people had a question about tri tip, they would call me up and say, “Dude, I need help – you’re the tri tip guy!”  So that’s it – this site evolved from the passion of my favorite hobby.

I am a Backyard BBQ Grilling Machine – plain and simple.  I am not a competitive BBQer or a trained chef.  I love talking about BBQ with people; I despise one-upmanship.  I love to invite my friends over to the house and enjoy a plate filled with delicious BBQ and all the fixins.    You will never talk me into becoming a vegetarian, and “vegan” is too close to the word “pagan” (that’s a joke – besides, if you are either of those, then why the ‘H’ are you on this site?!).

I LOVE to laugh (but it looks like I’m in pain in this pic…)

One more note:  I have a sarcastic sense of humor and a deep appreciation of pop culture (specifically, science fiction).  You will find these quirks peppered throughout this website because I believe people should be real in every area of their life.  Who I am will be reflected in what I write and put on video.  That way, it keeps this adventure fun.

If you want to connect with me, you can reach me through our Contact Us page or through the TTG Facebook fan page.  Thank you very much for coming to the site – we have big plans for this fledgling site and we are glad you have joined us for the journey.

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  1. Hello from Virginia..a tri-tip free zone unfortunately! But…the good is that I have now been able to find tri-tips at Wegmans Supermarket in Leesburg, VA!! And….at least two restaurants!

    One is Ace Biscuit in Charlottesville, VA and second on is down in the Northern Neck region of Virginia in the lovely waterfront town of Urbanna. That restaurant is called “Something Different.” I keep trying to get other restaurants to try it as a special offer to see how it goes, but so far no takers. I will continue to make tri-tips as easy to find here in Virginia as it is in California!

    1. Keep looking – I know that the love of tri tip is growing nationwide, and more restaurants are getting with the program by offering amazing dishes that feature tri tip. Let us know what else you find out there!

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