Blue Cheese Breaded Tri Tip

Another simple and easy tri tip recipe that gives you a taste combination to die for!


2 tri tip steaks, 5-6 ounce cuts

1/4 teaspoon spicy brown mustard

1/4 cup bread crumbstri tip recipe

1/8 cup blue cheese crumbles



1. Heat grill to 350°F. Place tri tip cuts on the grill, cooking over direct heat. Cook for 8-10 minutes, depending on your preference.

2. While tri tip cuts are cooking on first side, mix bread crumbs with blue cheese crumbles.

tri tip recipe3. After turning the tri tip cuts and before they come off the grill, spread each steak with mustard—just enough to give it a thin coat. Top each steak with the bread crumb/blue cheese mixture, pressing it gently into the steak to make sure it stays in place. Lower grill lid and finish cooking steaks until bread crumbs are golden brown (cooking another 8-10 minutes).

4. Remove tri tip cuts from grill and let rest at least 5 minutes.  Enjoy this delicious tri tip recipe with a potato side dish and a salad.


Click to download and/or print up this incredible tri tip recipe!

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