Building a Community of Tri Tip Fanatics

WarrenSmoke4One of the goals of this site is to build a community of tri tip fans.  This includes connecting the backyard warriors to the BBQ restaurants to the meat markets…and on and on.  There is already a huge BBQ community who have connected through other sites and message boards; we want to gather new voices and join this community as well as begin a new “branch” of Tri Tip folks.

I have begun speaking with friends, restaurants and businesses about contributing and connecting to the site.  This week, we will post our interview with the owner of O’Connor’s Santa Maria Grill in Orangevale, CA, as he educates us about the Santa Maria style of cooking tri tip!  This was a great time interview and I’m very excited about sharing this with you.

Then next week, we will post two pages from our first contributor – a great “Tri Tip Guy” named Warren Ingalls.  He has a great Tri Tip Slider recipe and we are collaborating to bring you our next addition to “Tri Tips” – a simple, step-by-step page about smoking tri tip (including a short video).

Thanks again for connecting with us!  If you have something you would like to contribute, send it me:  We are always looking for great tri tip stuff!

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