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  1. I have 2 big roasts im cooking today. they are 9 pounds each. i dont see any that big on your site. im cooking in a traeger. should i cut them to smaller roasts?

    1. Good lord – 9 pound tri tip!?! First off, where did you pick those bad boys up? To be honest, the largest tri tip roast I have ever cooked was about 4.5 pounds – it was smoked over medium heat. Depending on how thick the cut is (and I’m assuming it’s hearty), I’d cut it in half. If you could keep the triangle cut, even better.

      WOW – 9 pounds. I’d love to show this on our Facebook page. If that’s cool, shoot us a before and after picture and other specs (how long it took to cook on your traeger, any pre-cook prep, etc…) and send it to

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