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tritipguyfonttest1Thanks for coming by and checking out the first (and ONLY) website that is devoted to that majestic cut of beef – TRI TIP! We are very excited about this site!  We want to become the #1 destination for great information plus we want to create the strongest online community of Tri Tip enthusiasts – and it starts with you.

This is a relatively new site with just a few features, but we will continue to add great content in the coming weeks.  Sign up to receive our bi-weekly newsletter and become a fan on Facebook so that you will know what is new.

Thanks again for checking this site out – and come back soon!

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  1. I’m always looking for different recipes and tools to use while grilling! Looking forward to hearing all the different ideas.

    Thank you Tri Tip Guy

  2. Tri-Tip Guy,
    I’m looking at purchasing my first Propane grill, do you have a recommendation? Please keep in mind I am on budget, any insight would be great!

    1. Great question – I am looking into doing a “Tools of the Trade” page just on propane grills. But to answer your question…you will be happy with the Char-Broil and Weber brands. I’ve used both for propane grilling and I highly recommend those. Stick to the basics – a 2 or 3 burner grill will do the trick. Also, the lower priced grills will not last as long due to “wear and tear” – probably 2-3 years. Lowe’s is your best bet to find a great deal, and you will probably spend about $150 – 200. Thanks for the question Aaron!

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