How To Grill a Tri Tip Roast Page is online NOW!

We have just uploaded a major page for the site – How to Grill a Tri Tip Roast.  I have a feeling that this will become the most visited page on the site, and I’m very excited it is finished and out there.

IMG_3830If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, do it now; you can sign up to the right of this post under “The Tri Tip Guy Speaks.”  We just sent out our first one and it has a lot of information that won’t be found on the website (for example, I tell you which supermarkets provide the best cuts of tri tip and which stores are horrible).  ALSO…we are doing a monthly giveaway that is only available to the newsletter subscribers!  Our next newsletter will come out next week, so get on that!

Thanks again for visiting the site and connecting with The Tri Tip Guy!

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  1. Hi TT Guy,

    Gonna give this a go tonight. I have a marinated TT from Blackbelly here in Boulder CO. Have done many TTs with red oak smoke and dry rub, served up sliced very thin. This one is wet marinade. Wish me luck!

  2. Hi Tri Tip Guy!

    I’m camping this weekend and have a 3 lb tri tip to grill and share. I’m not bringing my own grill so will be using a campground still BBQ with no cover. Could I wrap it completely in foil after the initial sear? How do you think this would change the timing/tenderness? Thanks in advance!! Can’t wait to dig into it!

    1. That’s a good question – I had a friend create a tin foil cover when he went camping. He had one of those large tin foil pans and poked a couple of holes in the top to vent. The BBQ was enclosed on all four sides, so that helped. Just an idea.

  3. My husband cooked his first tri-tip ever and followed your instructions. It came out absolutely perfect! He had big shoes to fill…my dad was a tri-tip extraordinaire! It’s nice to know my husband can now continue the tradition! Thank you!!!

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