New Tri Tip Content Available NOW!

IMG_3837We have been working hard – fast and furious – rocking and rolling – to get some great new content online…AND IT’S HERE!  Our next “Tri Tips” how-to video is available now:  5 Starter Tips Before You Grill Your Tri Tip! There’s some really great information for beginners and great reminders for the backyard warriors.

As I mentioned in the last post, we have two more videos coming soon – a great how-to video to grilling great tri tip and our first recipe.  The recipe is very cool – we will actually give you two ways of cooking the same meal from presented by two grillers!  That’s some good stuff right there!

I want to remind you to sign up for the mailing list (to the right of this post) in order to get information that will not be presented on the website.  We will give you critical reviews of specific brands, restaurants and markets as well as let you know certain brands and items to buy to make your tri tip awesome (and ones to stay away from).  Also, you will automatically be entered into the monthly giveaway just for being on the mailing list – and we have a very tasty gift for the winner at the end of the month!

Thanks again for coming to the site and I’ll see you around the grill!

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