No “Off-Season” for Cooking Tri Tip!

IMG_3973The great thing about cooking tri tip is – THERE IS NOT AN OFF-SEASON!  Sports leagues and vacation spots can take time off, but real grillers and BBQ fanatics go after it 365 days a year!  I am looking forward to cooking through the holidays – in fact, be on the lookout for some great tri tip appetizer recipes around Thanksgiving time!  Tri tip and turkey sharing space on the grill – YES!  What a great summer I had in my role as “The Tri Tip Guy.”   Some highlights:

1) I presented a really fun and informative web series that we ran through our Facebook page called “100 Days of Tri Tip.”  Every day from Memorial Day through the Labor Day weekend, I shared great recipe ideas, cooking tips and other information to bring your tri tip cooking to the next level.  It was incredible to see the involvement from so many people – even getting a great shout-out from “Chaka’s” (my favorite marinade) that brought more people to the website!  We will have all of these posts on the website soon – organized by topic.

2)  We catered a few events, one of which was for a first time customer.  They were very successful in satisfying the hungry masses and in getting our name out there.  We are in the early stages with a company right now to cater a multi-night event – by far the largest amount of tri tip we have ever cooked.  I am excited about the opportunity…and asking my friends to help me out!!!

3)  Our YouTube videos are a huge part in promoting the TTG brand, and we recently hit 10,000 views on our videos!  This is incredible, and we are in the process of planning out some great recipe and how-to videos.  More video content coming very soon!

There is a couple of things that are being worked through to bring the Tri Tip Guy to new places – new connections, partnerships, and yes – GIVEAWAYS!  We are adding new content to this website this week – we will promote our newest pages on the Facebook page.  Keep coming around and spread the word about the Tri Tip Guy!  THANK YOU again for being a part of the TTG Nation!

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