The Tri Tip Guy is Pumped for Summer 2013!

IMG_3957There are so many great things that we are prepping for in the upcoming months with The Tri Tip Guy!  Let me briefly share a couple of cool happenings…

1)  We are putting together a great web series called “100 Days of Tri Tip” – which we will host both on this website and our Facebook page From May 24 and the 99 days that follow, we will present a cooking tip, recommendation or factoid about our favorite cut of beef.  This will be a lot of fun as well as provide you with a ton of great information.  Get connected with us on Facebook NOW!

2)  We have a number of tri tip recipes that will drop this summer – these recipes will always include step-by-step instructions and a video to see how it all looks.  Do you want a great tri tip sandwich idea???  Stay tuned – we will teach you how to make “The 49er,” “The Philly Cheese Tri Tizzle” and “The Beefy Shlub.”  Yeah…I named those sammiches.

3)  WE HAVE T-SHIRTS!  Or I should say – we are in the process of getting some T-shirts and aprons with the incredible Tri Tip Guy logo on them.  These will be affordable and high-quality, not to mention fashionable and/or sexy.  I don’t know about that last part, but they will be cool.  Stay tuned!

Of course, there are a couple of other surprises that are on the way.  I am keeping them under wraps for now, but both surprises have to do with handing out INCREDIBLE GIVEAWAYS!  Thanks again for being a part of The Tri Tip Guy’s world – tell a friend about us, and I will see you around the grill!

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