Tri Tip Sliders

Do you want to get a quick and delicious meal together for your guests after you are done grilling your tri tip?  These tri tip sliders are so tasty your friends will worship at your feet!

The first step is to get your tri tip grilled to perfection – and we have a video for that! Once that is done, follow these instructions:

1)  While the tri tip is resting, get your slider IMG_3851rolls prepped. Bring the grill to low heat.  Cut the rolls in half and butter them up (if you want, put some garlic salt on the rolls for an extra kick).  Place the rolls face down on the grill until browned, then remove from grill.

2)  When you are ready to slice the tri tip, cut it as thin as possible.  Make sure that you do not cut the slices too thick (no more than 1/2 inch thick).

3)  With the rolls on plates, take 2-3 slices of tri tip and put it on there.  Take a small handful of french fried onions (you know, those tasty strings that go on top of your grandma’s green bean casserole) and put those on top – it makes a great taste combination!IMG_3861

4)  Serve it up with a side of BBQ sauce and/or mild horseradish and your favorite salad.  Now THAT is a meal!

Some other quick notes:  some people don’t like any sauce on their sliders and frankly, who could blame them?  The meat is tasty enough.  Providing sauce on the side is a great solution.  And what about cheese?  You could add a mild cheese (provolone or cheddar, for example) but I’ve found that cheese on a tri tip slider or sandwich never pushes it over the top.

The bottom line is – get creative around the grill!  Find taste combinations that work when creating your sliders.  We have another Tri Tip Slider recipe coming soon from a fellow BBQ fanatic, and many more recipes as well!  We will see you around the grill!



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  1. I took this concept to the next level today and it turned out great.. i smoked the tri tip until it was about rare in my Electric smoker. I then wrapped it in foil and towels and left it in a cooler for about an hour until it reached Medium/rare. At this point the meat was rested and ready to cut. We cut it and served it like you did here but i whipped up a whole grain dijon mustard horseradish aioli and added it the the bun after it was grilled ( you may also put it to the side) gave the tri tip a great kick and finished these sliders off perfectly. Next i will experiment with adding cheese to these im thinking a Munster or a provolone would compliment the aioli well any suggestions?

    1. Oh man – that sounds awesome! I think that those cheese choices are great, although I prefer the sharper cheeses. Some white cheddar would also be great combined with the aioli. Also, you may want to grill up a couple of red peppers and lay those bad boys on top. I just got done eating dinner, and this made me hungry again! If you get a chance, post a pic of your sandwich on our Facebook page – with some of the details! Thanks for connecting!

  2. All of these ideas are fabulous. Do you think one could cook the meat ahead of time and then make the mini sliders with thinly sliced meat and carmaluzed onions?

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