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We wanted to create a page for those who have submitted amazing pictures to us at the Tri Tip Guy.  To submit your picture and have it featured on the world-famous TTG front page, click here!



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  1. How do I convince my wife that a tri tip is supposed to be pink when it’s cooked? She likes bloody burgers. I’ve overlooked tri tip to show her the difference. I think she is thinking brisket when she is eating it. Any help appreciated.

    1. I can 100% feel your pain! My wife is the same – she wants to eat the well-done ends of the roast because she thinks that pink = raw. Show her a couple of our cooking videos – even though I do not explicitly say that the roast needs to be pink, the video is proof that tri tip is best served medium rare (medium at the most!).

  2. i smoked some tri-tip over the weekend it had great flavor and it was tender i took them up to 95 deg. and warped them and pulled them at 135 deg some of it was chewy . did i do something wrong ? T/A

    1. I assume you mean “wrapped them” – if you completely covered them in foil, that may (MAY) have been the culprit. Of course, it could have just been the quality of the cut. Try cooking by indirect heat, or over direct heat BUT low and slow. Keep trying! You will find your method.

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