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IMG_3866When I started up this website, I wanted to find a way to give out tri tip information, advice and critiques in more ways than just visiting this page.  I created The Tri Tip Guy Speaks” Newsletter for that very reason – and people are loving it.

What’s the newsletter all about?  Very simply, there are certain things I feel more comfortable sharing on this forum than I would be on the website.  Basically, I can give you some recommendations, reviews and offer critiques on specific brands or companies without fear of reprisals from potential future partners.  Wait…what?  What I’m saying is – if I want to rip a local supermarket for their horrible meat department (as I have done in a previous newsletter), that is the place it will happen.

Also, I can recommend or reject products that I have used (such as reviews of BBQ sauces and dry rubs in previous newsletters). This is the key – I will only offer opinions about things that I have used myself.  People can see right through those reviews from people that are just doing it to gain favor or make a buck – my integrity is never for sale, so you will get my honest opinion.

In the newsletter, we will highlight what has happened with the Tri Tip Guy since the last newsletter and let you know about our monthly giveaway.  That’s right – FREE STUFF!  The only way you can get free giveaways from us is by signing up for the newsletter.  Last month’s winner won a three-pack of dry rubs that we recommended on our website!

SIGN UP NOW!  Support the Tri Tip Guy and Tri Tip World Domination! 

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