What’s Coming Soon for The Tri Tip Guy?

Tri tip, tri tip – GET IN MY BELLY!  These are the words that every red blooded American should be speaking out, and I feel it is my duty to make that a reality!

There are a lot of great features that you will see hit the website very soon.  Our first recipe will hit next week – Tri Tip Sliders!  These small sandwiches are great for parties or as a main dish for your next BBQ. Not only will we present a short “how-to” video, but we will include step-by-step instructions on the site AND make it available to download.

Also, we are putting the final touches on our next video entitled “Four Starter Tips to Grilling Tri Tip” and we are getting ready to shoot what should be the most popular ‘Tri Tips’ video we will present:  “How to Grill Tri Tip Right Every Time.” With these short videos, we try to mix information and humor that will enhance your grilling experience.  By the way, you need to go check out our last video “5 Meaty Facts about Tri Tip” if you haven’t already!

I want you to be the BBQ Master – the Grilling Machine – the Tri Tip Warrior!  Take one of those titles and claim it over yourself – pretty soon, all your friends will start calling you that…or not!  Thanks for coming to this site – we are working on a lot of new content that will be released in the coming weeks, so keep coming back for more!

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