10 BBQ Accessories You Need (and One you Don’t)

After you have purchased a grill, make sure that you have a few bucks set aside for some valuable BBQ accessories.  If you don’t have these 10 items for cooking up tri tip and other delicious grub, you need to rush out and pick these up IMMEDIATELY or buy these online (I have linked each item to Amazon.com* to make your online shopping easier).  This page is dedicated to cooking with charcoal – whether it is for grilling or smoking.

1)  Meat Thermometer – the ONLY time you should pierce the tri tip is when you use an accurate meat thermometer at the end of the cook.   You don’t need to stab it a bunch of times – just once in the middle where it is the rarest, and only after you check the external firmness.  Take off the tri tip when it hits 135° F and let it rest for 10 minutes.

2)  Grill Brush – removes all of the excess grease and leavings that are left over after you have cooked your delicious meals. Cleaning your grill with a quality grill brush after every use will prolong the life of your grill grates.  NOTE:  there is a debate on whether these damage porcelain grill grates (many grills come with these now – a good wipe down with a cleaning rag following the cook does the trick), but stainless steel grates are good to go for these brushes.

3)  Stainless Steel Tongs – get a pair that are EXTRA long to reach across the hot grill.

4)  Charcoal Starter – I am not a fan of lighter fluid.  Fill up one of these chimney starters with charcoal, wad up some newspaper underneath and ignite.  Your coals will be ready in minutes.  They typically hold enough coals to fill a standard size kettle grill.

5)  Lump Charcoal – put simply, lump charcoal burns longer and cleaner (no additives or chemicals).  It produces less ash, making cleanup easier.  It does cost more than regular charcoal – but it’s worth it.

6 and 7)  Carving Knife and Carving Fork – although I am not a knife expert, I know enough to state that high grade stainless steel is the way to go.  A good carving fork holds that tri tip roast in place when you are cutting, and it’s perfect for serving.

8)  Lighter – find one that is refillable and has the option to adjust the flame.  I own one that has a bottle opener and an LED light on the end, because I may want a beer in the dark.

9)  High Temperature Grilling Gloves – protect your hands from the hot grill.  Silicone or cloth gloves are available at many stores, but makes sure you check that the “heat rating” is high (at least 450° F).

10)  BBQ Apron – get yourself a durable apron to protect your body and stay clean, and make sure it has deep pockets for storage.  You can look like a boss with our Tri Tip Guy aprons!


What is the one tool you don’t need???  A BBQ fork.  I hate this tool with a passion!  It should never be used on tri tip – or any piece of meat for that matter.  Grillers use this tool to easily grab and flip large roasts, but once you pierce the meat, the delicious juices just flow out.  WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?  Use those tongs!




*Please note that links to tools within this post are affiliate links, which I receive financial gain from if purchases are made from them…so THANK YOU!