10 BBQ Accessories You Need (and One you Don’t)

After you have purchased a grill, make sure that you have a few bucks set aside for some valuable BBQ accessories.  If you don’t have these 10 items for cooking up tri tip and other delicious grub, you need to rush out and pick these up IMMEDIATELY or buy these online (I have linked each item to Amazon.com* to make … Read more

Tools of the Trade

This page will contain some great information about what tools you need to make your tri tip cooking experience the best. We will provide you with solid recommendations based on personal experience; I would never tell you to get something that I have not personally seen in action.  We will provide video reviews from time … Read more

Tri Tip 101: Checking Your Tri Tip Using the Palm Technique

Don’t trust your grill’s heat gauge?  Can’t find your meat thermometer anywhere?  This simple technique will solve the problem about checking how done your tri tip is.   Form the “okay” sign by touching the tip of your thumb to the tip of your index finger. The pad of flesh at the base of your … Read more

Tri Tip 101: Gauging the Heat

When cooking tri tip and your other favorites, you need to remember that the lid of your grill is your friend. Keeping that heat and smoke inside will bring your tri tip to levels of perfection. However, we love to look and check – and look and check some more. The main reason we do … Read more

5 Meaty Facts about Tri Tip

1)  The tri tip cut is a triangular cut (3 tips, 3 = tri, therefore, tri tip – genius!).  The cut comes from the back half of the cow; there is one cut per side of beef, meaning that each cow graciously gives us two tri tips (yeah – math!).  When you purchase a tri … Read more

Tri Tip 101: Build Your Grill Skills

Ahhh…you will never lack friends when you become the go-to tri tip chef!  We have assembled some great resources to help beginning grillers and BBQers become grill masters – especially if you are cooking up tri tip!    Like anything, it takes both knowledge and practice to become a grill master.  Here is the knowledge – now, go … Read more

“Tri Tips”

These are the most popular posts on our site – our how-to video blogs.  We will always provide both video and text for every video that we do.  Make sure you make comments on the page if you have great ideas or suggestions – what you tell us may be turned into a future video.  … Read more

5 Starter Tips Before You Grill Your Tri Tip

Here’s some great tips for before and after you grill your tri tip… 1) Start with a great cut of tri tip beef.  If you can’t get USDA Choice or Select, you are taking a risk by purchasing a lower grade.  Don’t sacrifice quality and taste by choosing a lower grade…or what is on sale at the … Read more

12 Other Names For Tri Tip

Although “tri tip” is the most popular name for this cut, there are many other names for tri tip.  The tri tip cut used to be available on the West Coast only, but it has grown in popularity over the past few years and can be found in many membership stores across the United States.   Tri … Read more