Fully Stuffed Tri Tip

One of the main questions we get is, “What about stuffing bacon/sausage/cheese/etc… into the tri tip?”  As amazing as a tri tip roast tastes on its own, give this recipe a try – ONE OF THE BEST TASTE COMBOS EVER!     Ingredients (serves 4-6) 2 pound tri tip roast 1   package frozen chopped spinach, thawed … Read more

Chattin’ Around the Grill

We are in the process of setting up video blogs with local eateries, butchers, and backyard warriors to bring you some great insights and advice about cooking tri tip. Our first chat has just been uploaded: Chattin’ with Steve from O’Connors Santa Maria Grill Get connected with us on Facebook and the mailing list so that you … Read more


For every tri tip recipe, we will share a “how to make it” video followed by some great extra tips.  That’s pretty handy right there! Get connected with us on Facebook and the mailing list so that you know when we release new content! Visit our pages now: Grilled Tri Tip with Chimichurri Sauce and Provoleta – an … Read more

10 BBQ Accessories You Need (and One you Don’t)

After you have purchased a grill, make sure that you have a few bucks set aside for some valuable BBQ accessories.  If you don’t have these 10 items for cooking up tri tip and other delicious grub, you need to rush out and pick these up IMMEDIATELY or buy these online (I have linked each item to Amazon.com* to make … Read more

Tools of the Trade

This page will contain some great information about what tools you need to make your tri tip cooking experience the best. We will provide you with solid recommendations based on personal experience; I would never tell you to get something that I have not personally seen in action.  We will provide video reviews from time … Read more