“Tri Tips”

These are the most popular posts on our site – our how-to video blogs.  We will always provide both video and text for every video that we do.  Make sure you make comments on the page if you have great ideas or suggestions – what you tell us may be turned into a future video.  Check out these “Tri Tips”:

How to Grill a Tri Tip Roast – this is our most popular page, providing step-by-step instruction to become the Tri Tip GrillMaster

How to Smoke a Tri Tip Roast (Method #1) – smoking (or BBQing) tri tip gives the meat a great flavor.  This “slow-and-low” process will leave your guests begging for more.  This method involves soaking wood chips.

5 Meaty Facts about Tri Tip – some great info about this cut of beef

5 Starter Tips Before You Grill Your Tri Tip – check out these helpful steps before you even light up the grill